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Friday, May 9, 2014


***Guest poet in THE POETS GALLERY

A name to match the spirit of the woman
We all keep in our hearts.
And though her body returns to the earth
Her spirit remains just there, within us.
All the smiles, the laughs and
Moments where you'd hear the famous "aww me."

All the times you'd look at her and see
That with her family, she was at peace
We were her peace
We are her peace
She came in  the earth with a smile
And that's how she leaves.

She has lived a life full of love
And she sits on a throne above
In a spiritual world much greater
Than the imagination
She watches
She watches over us.

She is now our protector
Stronger than man
Stronger than all evil
With her spirit, as tough as a lion's roar
As gentle as a baby's soul
She stands as our guardian angel

Protecting us from all seen and unseen
For that is her new mission from the Most High
He gave her the strength
That last bit of strength she needed
To say
Her final good-byes

And what more  can we wish for?
Her pain was eased
And she passed in her sleep
For  now she is at peace
She has loved and has been loved
By us all

So don't cry
For it is not a time for crying
Don't  weep
For it is  not a time for weeping
But remember, remember her eyes
Her eyes that gave forth kindness

Remember her heart
The heart that gave forth beauty
And her soul
Her soul that was so wonderful

Her love remains our music

And although she is physically gone
She will always be here
She knew we loved her
She knew we cared
Her memories will live on forever in our hearts
As our dearest Mother.

**For my great grandma...I LOVE YOU.
R.I.P.   Adele Dudley


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